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Vision, Mission, Values
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Our Vision, Mission, Values

The community of PT. IMCP partakes in a shared vision that is much more than a well-built company with an esteemed reputation. We are a metal packaging manufacturer on a rigorous quest to become the world's leading packaging company through meaningful innovations and excellent services.

We will achieve this vision through the execution of our mission:

  1. Providing outstanding quality performance to fulfill customer satisfaction
  2. Generating cost-efficient strategies
  3. Ensuring on-time delivery “On Time, Every time”
  4. Promising continuous innovation and development for customer needs
  5. Generating value for our company through sustainable growth
  6. Accommodating technical and process services for customer needs

The advancing progress of PT. IMCP hinges on our six core values of: quality, cost, delivery, innovation, development, and service. (QCDIDS) With these values in mind, we are dedicated in administering our daily business practices with the highest degree of integrity.